When was LLAMA PIXELS established?

LLAMAPIXELS was established in 2019 and was providing in-house services to ICE Animations Pvt. Ltd. but since March 2022 has been operating independently.

What services does LLAMA PIXELS provide?

LLAMA PIXELS is open to all things 3D related be it Modelling, Rigging, Animation, Look Development, Lighting, VFX and rendering services. Depending on the client, we can provide each service separately.

What is LLAMA PIXELS’ motive?

LLAMAPIXELS strongly discourages commercialism and believes that is necessary to strive for greatness and all is achievable with a hint of love and dedication towards its goals,
LLAMA PIXELS is committed to Pakistan and wishes to strengthen the Pakistani 3D industry with its identity and services.

How can one apply at LLAMA PIXELS?

It's easy to apply at LLAMA PIXELS, just give us a call on our number with the proper country code or email us or reach out to us through our social accounts.


LLAMA PIXELS takes great pride in boasting that its team is one of the best and can help achieve every desired outcome.

Our team is unique and that is what makes LLAMA PIXELS special. The team is no ordinary pact of people but humans who were crafted just for the 3D industry.
LLAMA PIXELS has confidence that every coal can be crafted into a beautiful diamond and carries the same analogy with its employees

Regardless of their backgrounds, all the amazing people working here have a story of struggle and how once they hadn’t the slightest chance or thought that they would have a skill to earn from.
LLAMA PIXELS has a story for everyone! And better yet we know how to animate it as well.

What is LLAMA PIXELS' policy on donations?

LLAMA PIXELS pledges to donate 10% of its earnings to educational NGOs working in Pakistan and also pledges to make donations annually to JDC/EDHI FOUNDATION.

What inspires LLAMA PIXELS?

LLAMAPIXELS strives to achieve greatness in quality and is inspired by Disney Pixar and wishes that one day all Animation studios in PAKISTAN will produce similar quality of work.

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